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Septoplasty Beverly Hills

Septoplasty is a surgical repair of a deviated nasal septum.  The septum is responsible for dividing your nose into two separate nostrils, it is comprised of bone and cartilage.  When the septum becomes deviated, it is displaced to a single side of the nose.

A deviated septum can create the appearance of one nasal passage being larger than the other.  The only available method of restoration is through reconstructive surgery.  Prior to septoplasty, it is important to refrain from taking certain medications.  This can help reduce potential excessive bleeding during the procedure.

A septoplasty can be completed in less than 90 minutes and involves making a small incision on side of the nose.  The mucus membrane will be lifted and the surgeon will re-adjust the deviated septum into the correct position.  Additional obstructions or anomalies will be removed.  Patients can return home on the same of the procedure.  The nose may be swollen or have slight discomfort, this can be treated by packing it with cotton. A full recovery can be expected several weeks after the procedure.