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Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Not all patients are fortunate enough to be born with the perfect nose.  Since this facial feature is in the center of the face, it is the most noticeable.  Patients may have their self-confidence affected if their nose exhibits crooked, unusually large, or bulbous features.  A rhinoplasty or nose surgery is performed to alter the nose’s appearance and make it more complementary with the rest of the face.

A rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure requires great skill and artistic attention.  The nose must not only be aesthetically improved, but also retain optimal functionality.  Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke carry decades in performing nasal procedures, providing a significant enhancement to the appearance of their patients.

Rhinoplasty can be completed in one day and is performed under general anesthesia.  The procedure can be performed inside or outside the nose.  It can also be performed between the nostrils. Modifications will be performed on the cartilage and bones of the nose.  The cartilage is treated and altered to reshape the tip of the nose.  Patients looking to reduce the size of their nose and shave down the cartilage or bone using a file or chisel.

If a patient has breathing issues prior to the treatment, additional work on the inside of the nose may need to be performed.  During the recovery period, patients will wear a splint over the bridge of their noses to prevent swelling and maintain positioning.  Most swelling and bruising will dissipate after a week from surgery.